New adventures in Algeria



Looking for new adventures in Algeria? Together with Laurent Khellout, owner and chef of Restaurant and traiteur Raïnaraï in Amsterdam, we explored the qualities of Algeria. With his hospitaly concepts, Laurent is already in the hearts of many people in the Netherlands. Currently he is developing an eco-lodge in Algeria close by his homeland. FREEM got the assignment to design a lodge, resembling a self-sustainable village.

On the riverside in the green landscape the ‘eye’ is located. To protect the sand storms a big wall is created combined with rooms to house the guests. The lodge offers guests a place to be in balance, you can choose either an active or a peaceful stay. You will find this duality in the organisation and the architecture of the lodge. At the entrance, the needed logistics take place and the stables for the horses, an important mode of transport in Algeria. On the other side you can walk in the quiet garden. In the centre of the ‘eye’ there are 2 court yards; a terrace to have a lovely diner and a minimalistic place with just one big oak to contemplate. Even in the residences you can experience this duality with a terrace with a view to the landscape and a terrace facing the public spaces.
You can discover new routes and places, like a beautiful pool and panoramic view points. This lodge is for guests who need to take some rest to pause for reflection or want to work actively in the garden, with the animals or in the restaurant. There are also residences for artists to write, make art, etc. In this way there are people who visit the lodge for short and long stays, and therefor the dynamics of a little village are created, in which you come home after a long horse or walking trip in the extensive plains.

The vision is presented at the embassy of Algeria February 7th this year. The vision is received with enthusiasm and the process will be continued.