Design presentation coastal Villa in South Africa

06-11-2014 The clients bought a complicated plot in Plettenberg South Africa. It has a steep slope, only from one angle the ocean is visible and the predominant (cold) winds come from all sides. The agenda for this villa was very ambitious and the wishes of the clients (modern and transparent) were conflicting with the regulations of the compound (traditional and closed). Furthermore, the clients will have many guests and privacy needs to be secured in a modern house. During an interactive workshop with a reference game and a customer journey we defined the style and the functionality of their future home.

In two concepts different living styles were tested; one concept secured that the private life was separate from the public and active life, the second concept separated the active play area from the sleeping and living area. The clients were very enthusiastic about the first concept design, because of the open public living floor with a 360degrees view over Roberg Island and Beacon Island, the connection between the living area and the pool while the private sleeping zone was at the basement, following the slope. They could easily imagine themselves living here: Welcoming their guests, walking along the pool and the outdoor fire place, taking wine from the basement, going upstairs and be overwhelmed by the stunning views, protected from the winds.