Documentary Urban lab Gaza

23-01-17 A great documentary film was made about the UN-Habitat Urban labs in Gaza. It is a very interesting report of our process and our experience working on urban planning Gaza explaining the context of Gaza, our collaboration with the local Municipality Technical Support Team, our first findings and design solutions. Naomi (FREEM) focused on solutions for participation in the planning process and on the revitalisation of public spaces to make them inclusive, safe, accessible and sustainable.

This Urban planning lab is a tool that supports implementation of the New Urban Agenda in providing integrated planning, participatory process, public space and by providing assistance to Cities and National Governments. Under the neutral banner of the UN, multiple governance levels can begin to tackle challenges together—both as local authorities, and as multiple structural levels. The film sums up these challenges and opportunities to discuss implementation and the further expansion of a Global Network of Urban Planning and Design Labs.

Film credits: MediaHQ, Creative Industries Fund nl and UN-Habitat.