The new ‘city village’ in Almere Nobelhorst, The Netherlands, is developed organically with self-building plots. During the first phase of the development the information and sales centre and a coffee bar host the new home builders. In this neighbourhood community place new ideas for the development will be discussed, participants will meet, building tools will be stored and activities will be hosted; the centre to facilitate this innovative participation building model. In the end the aim of this development is to stimulate social cohesion which contribute to a livable and sustainable living area.

This research is focusing on possibilities for a adaptable and movable multi-functional building with neighbourhood functions, like the typical ‘Brink’, a a common open area within a village. FREEM explored concepts for meeting, multi use of space, identifiable barn architecture, adaptability (S-M-L), inside-outside, plot orientation and connection with new canals and the ‘Brink’.

Project: Community Barn Nobelhorst
Location: NL Almere
Date: 2012
Square meters: 140m2
Client: Housing corporation Ymere
In samenwerking met: Jasper Druijven (architect)
Link:  *Nobelhorst – stadsdorp voor initiatieven